Open Submissions: OTHERWORLD

We’re pleased to announce our first anthology, scheduled for release in Spring 2022: OTHERWORLD, an anthology that celebrates otherness and duality. And what’s better than uplifting BIPOC writers, poets, and artists while examining such a diverse, complex topic as “living between two worlds”?

Otherworld gives writers, poets, and artists of different identities a place to write their stories as they want without the burden of writing to a clichéd idea of what “diversity” or “culture” is in fiction. Therefore, writers should feel free to express their own unique, cultural experience, and can showcase different (non-Western) cultural expectations and values. And yes! – that means a protagonist who is of a different culture/background or who speaks a different language throughout the English-written story is welcomed and encouraged.

This anthology investigates what it is to be “between different worlds” and is open to all fiction genres (no erotica!). Horror and fantasy is highly encouraged, but we’re interested in all subgenres, such as literary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, and romance (sorry, no erotica!).

Any BIPOC writer, poet, and artist is eligible to submit work; international creatives welcomed!

Ready to submit?

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