Open Submissions: Supernatural Myths and Mysteries

BSC’s second anthology – scheduled for Fall 2022 – is SUPERNATURAL MYTHS AND MYSTERIES, a two volume collection that unites world culture and supernatural phenomenon by bringing together various global writers.

Unlike Otherworld, our first anthology, Supernatural Myths and Mysteries seeks fiction works that are inspired by folklore, cultural tales, and global myths and legends. It’s the perfect combination of free license to craft memorable short fiction while also sharing various cultures of the world.

Volume 1 will focus on authentic voices. Writers, poets, and artists will use their own cultures to create original fiction, poetry, and art using their authentic voices about their culture’s myths, legends, and folklore.

Volume 2 will focus on world culture inspiring all writers. Writers, poets, and artists inspired by world culture will create respectful original fiction, poetry, and art using their knowledge of a country’s cultural myths, legends, and folklore.

All works must be in English (translations of original work in other languages will be accepted).

This two volume anthology examines culture through global supernatural phenomenon and is open to all fiction subgenres – though we’re especially interested in gothic, horror, fantasy, and literary fiction. That said, we are not considering erotica or non-fiction.

ALL writers, poets, artists are eligible to submit work, especially non-Western international creatives.

Ready to submit?

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