Cover Reveal: Mattson Academy

Yesterday, we revealed the first cover of our upcoming 2023 titles. Today, we’re equally excited to share the second (of four) cover: Jay O’Keefe’s MATTSON ACADEMY! This title marks the first YA Fantasy book in the BSC catalog, and we’re not only proud to have Jay as the leading example, but we’re extremely excited to bring you a fantastical adventure that all readers can enjoy. Join us in our celebration by watching the cover reveal video below:

CONGRATULATIONS, Jay, on a fantastic book cover!
We’re so excited to be publishing your amazing work!

And readers, be sure to visit Jay’s author page to learn more about the author,
follow him on Twitter, and read excerpts of Mattson Academy (coming soon!).

Get ready for a magical adventure like none other!

MATTSON ACADEMY is a YA fantasy story that follows high schooler Connor McTaggart and his friends in their investigation of bloodsucking monsters that have beset upon their school. Danger lurks in every corner, and unbeknownst to Connor, he has stumbled into a gruesome ritual performed by one of his classmates, making him the next target. Connor and his friends must find who’s behind these attacks before it’s too late – and still study for midterms.


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