On this page, you’ll learn about BSC:

BSC Editorial Team

Krista Canterbury Adams
Lead Editor

Krista is a published poet with 20+ years of experience in writing, editing, researching, and proofreading. Her work appears in a variety of literary journals, as well as several anthologies. She is also an editor of Ascension Poetry Magazine and a member of the Ohio Chapter of the HWA. Her interests range from the mythological to the gothic. She is primarily seeking atmospheric poetry collections, short story collections, novellas, and nonfiction. Topics of interest include: the supernatural, the gothic, dark fantasy, fairy tales, legends, mythology, history, paranormal historical fiction, magical realism, and mysticism. Witches, vampires, and fairies are especially welcome!

Courtney Kelly
Associate Editor

Courtney Kelly is a developmental editor, manuscript evaluator, and avid fantasy reader. She lives in Georgia with her author husband and their three oddball children. If not delving into guilty pleasures, like chocolate, she can be found scouring digital libraries for her next favorite book. Courtney is looking for any fantasy with found families and bromances to rival Arthur/Merlin and Geralt/Jaskier, non-romantic shifter tales, and more MG/CP with dragons!

Peyton Frederickson

Peyton is a graduate of Michigan State University where she majored in editing and publishing, and minored in creative writing. She worked as both an editor and writer for the Current Magazine, as well as an editor for various other projects throughout her college life. In her free time she is either reading or working on her own writing, but she also loves to play video games and practice her Japanese — which may or may not include manga and anime. When looking for books, she loves anything to do with fantasy, especially those that have their own worlds filled with magic, but is also a sucker for a good mystery or slice-of-life story.

BSC History

BSC Publishing Group is an independent small press publisher that is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and was founded by Bre Stephens (brendaleestephens.com) in March 2019. Its primary focus in its first two years was magazine publishing. However, BSC expanded its reach in September 2021, when it stepped into book publishing.

Always an advocate for writers, BSC’s first publication was The Dark Sire (darksiremag.com), a literary magazine that launched on Halloween 2019. Specializing in darker fiction, poetry, and art, The Dark Sire (TDS) strives to “Give a Voice to the Voiceless.” To date, TDS has over two years worth of books published, holds an annual creative awards ceremony, nominates its authors for The Pushcart Prize and The Bram Stoker Awards, and creates publicity opportunities through author events and book signings. The magazine is still in circulation and is stocked in two bookstores: Bibliophile in Dover, Ohio, and Poe’s New & Used in New Berlin, PA. TDS has published more than 90 authors, poets, artists, and screenwriters from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Finland, Australia, and Nigeria, with some of those creatives representing the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.

Continuing in its magazine tradition, BSC launched a second magazine, Ascension Poetry Magazine (ascensionpoetrymagazine.com), in August 2021. As the name suggests, the magazine focuses only on poetry of various kinds, including haiku, lyrical, ancient-inspired, epic, spells, and dreams. A very open-minded publication that celebrates the creative free spirit, the first issue releases on November 15, 2021. The editors of Ascension are Krista Canterbury Adams and S.M. Cook.

With the launch of Ascension, BSC is now ready to move forward into the field of book publishing. Its goal is to continue the tradition of being a market that both uplifts its writers and advocates equality. And, of course, that includes fighting against prejudice and censorship so authors find their voice – making “Giving a Voice to the Voiceless” the BSC’s official motto.

What we offer our authors

BSC operates like a traditional publisher with the freedom of being an independent press. This means we have:

  • 7 imprints to support diversity and inclusivity
  • assigned editors to support you throughout the publishing process
  • free editing services
  • free book cover design
  • free formatting and layout design
  • free marketing packages
  • free promotional planning
  • author approval on everything

BSC provides everything an author needs – for free – to publish a book in eBook, paperback, and hardcover. Audiobooks will be added to our catalogue no later than Spring 2023.

Please note: We do not pay advances, but we do pay generous royalties.

What we’re not

BSC is a real small press traditional publisher – not an indie publishing platform, vanity press, hybrid publisher, or a pay-to-play. You will never pay for any services that we offer, nor will you ever be directed to a third-party paid-for service. In addition, BSC does not solicit its services to anyone outside of its authors. One thing to keep in mind: If you are looking for a self-publishing platform, BSC is not for you.

What we’re looking for

The Works

BSC seeks original, unpublished manuscripts from talented authors around the world.

We want works that use authentic voices and authors who represent a mix of diverse backgrounds.

Traditionally-marginalized authors are welcomed and encouraged to submit.

Authors must be at least 15 years old (with parent or guardian permission) to publish with BSC.

The Limits

BSC publishes:

  • Novels (50k-100k words)
  • Novellas (20k-40k words)
  • Novelettes (10k-15k words)
  • Chapbooks (10-20 pages)
  • Poetry Collections (50-400 pages)
  • Short Fiction Collections (100-400 pages)

NOTE: We accept manuscripts that are slightly under/over the above requirements.

We do not publish romance, erotica, sci-fi, weird, or occult work.

We do publish work that has:

  • Vampires
  • Monsters
  • Dark themes
  • Foul language
  • Angels and demons
  • Pirates
  • Inner-struggle
  • Mental health awareness
  • Strong female characters
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Authentic voices
  • LGBTQ+

The Genres

We’re looking for Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult in the following subgenres:


  • Gothic
  • Gothic-Historical
  • Horror (even slasher)
  • Speculative
  • Supernatural
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy (Epic, Dark)
  • Psychological Realism
  • Magical Realism
  • Detective/Mystery
  • Slice of Life
  • Adventure
  • Coming of Age
  • Graphic Novels (author-illustrator only)


  • Art
  • History
  • Academic/Scholarly
  • Science-related (no textbooks)
  • Personal Journey
  • Healing
  • Nature
  • Memoirs
  • Biographies
  • Self-Help
  • Spirituality
  • New Age

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