Atlas Booth

Atlas Booth’s next poetry collection is DEAR HEART, an adult chapbook that discusses love and loss between two beautiful male souls who are tragically separated way too soon. Love at first hits hard between to males and so it is no surprise that they begin to a life together. Happiness flourishes quickly and the two find their place in each others heart and arms. They share a love for the ages until one of the men becomes ill. Will illness break their bonds or do they remain together through thick and thin? Join these men on their adventure of love, passion, and loss in DEAR HEART, the story of a love that is never-ending – even after death.

DEAR HEART will touch the souls of any who have loved and loss, and not just romantically. This chapbook is a discussion of grief and how to continue after the loss of a loved one, which makes this poetry collection one for everybody to enjoy.

*DEAR HEART has depictions of adult sexuality.

Coming 2023

Atlas Booth is a writer of poetry, fiction and nonfiction from Cape Town, South Africa and is a member of the LGBT+ community. Influenced by Ogden Nash and Melinda Sue Pacho, his works tend to showcase human emotions through trauma and everyday life. He published a collection of poetry in 2021 that was No.1 in the LGBTQ+ section on the day of release and has also been published in various literary magazines, namely, but not limited to, WORDPEACE, Writers Space Africa, Forge Zine and Tides of Time. When he isn’t writing, he is a practicing nurse, the co-editor of a literary magazine, and a gamer.

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