Open Submissions: In Praise of the Mystic Moon

“Under the harvest moon,When the soft silverDrips shimmeringOver the garden nights…”            –Carl Sandburg, “Under the Harvest Moon” It is appropriate that we begin our New Age anthology series with a work wholly dedicated to the mystic moon. She is the very symbol of magick itself. She calls to those who love the night & givesContinue reading “Open Submissions: In Praise of the Mystic Moon”

Open Submissions: Supernatural Myths and Mysteries

BSC’s second anthology – scheduled for Fall 2022 – is SUPERNATURAL MYTHS AND MYSTERIES, a two volume collection that unites world culture and supernatural phenomenon by bringing together various global writers. Unlike Otherworld, our first anthology, Supernatural Myths and Mysteries seeks fiction works that are inspired by folklore, cultural tales, and global myths and legends.Continue reading “Open Submissions: Supernatural Myths and Mysteries”


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