Jay O’Keefe

Jay O’Keefe’s debut novel is MATTSON ACADEMY, a YA fantasy story that follows high schooler Connor McTaggart and his friends in their investigation of bloodsucking monsters that have beset upon their school. Danger lurks in every corner, and unbeknownst to Connor, he has stumbled into a gruesome ritual performed by one of his classmates, making him the next target. Connor and his friends must find who’s behind these attacks before it’s too late – and still study for midterms.

Coming 2023

Jay O’Keefe grew up in Maryland, raised primarily on video games, anime, and fantasy novels. Though he had always wanted to work in game design or art, he eventually turned to writing. He decided to bring his childhood to life in his writing by crafting a fantasy novel that read like a video game, all while evoking a manga splash page in the reader’s mind. When not writing or drawing, Jay spends time with his wife and son, or is buried within the myriad of pets his wife and son bring home that he (not-so) secretly loves.