John Ortega

John Ortega’s next novel is FROZEN BAY, an adult magical realism story that is set in a world ruled by dragons. Detective Rohan Calestar’s job is taking down rogue sorcerers for the San Francisco Police Department. While hunting down a mass murdering Terrakinectic, Rohan’s mother, the ruling dragon of North America, demands his presence. A pregnant dragon has been kidnapped and Rohan has only one week to rescue her before she is due to give birth. Racing against the clock, Rohan must dive into the city’s underbelly to not only save her, but also thwart whoever is scheming to destroy the city. The first book in the Rohan Calestar Series, FROZEN BAY is sure to please dragon lovers, fantasy readers, and crime enthusiasts.

Coming 2024

John Ortega is a reader-turned-author who has had two books published thus far: Storm’s Child and Death’s Edge (SmashBear Publishing, UK, 202-2021), both part of the Rune Caster Chronicles Series. He is a lover of mythology and has a reading passion for anything fantasy, sci-fi, and crime. Being the fifth of seven children, John was taught from an early age to use his imagination to add a bit of magic to the world. Through his writing, he hopes to bring fantastical adventures to life for all to read. John lives in Puerto Rico, where he is busy writing his next book.

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