Rami Ungar‘s next full-length book is HANNAH AND OTHER STORIES, a collection of seven horror short stories that examine the thin veneer between the world of the ordinary and the world of the strange. Sometimes, one must search for the entrance of the strange and then walk into a world where the laws of reality and humanity have no meaning. Other times, people find the horrors in this strange world simply by going to a toy store, a sibling’s home, or a party in the Paris catacombs. These seven horror short stories aim to take the reader on a twisted journey that will make the reader question their reality – of what’s real and what’s not.

Coming Fall 2023

Jay O’Keefe‘s debut novel is MATTSON ACADEMY, a YA fantasy story that follows high schooler Connor McTaggart and his friends in their investigation of bloodsucking monsters that have beset upon their school. Danger lurks in every corner, and unbeknownst to Connor, he has stumbled into a gruesome ritual performed by one of his classmates, making him the next target. Connor and his friends must find who’s behind these attacks before it’s too late – and still study for midterms.

Coming 2023

The Dark Sire Literary Journal is a quarterly literary magazine that features fiction, poetry, and art in the subgenres of horror, gothic, fantasy, and psychological realism.

Founded by Bre Stephens in March 2019, TDS’ first issue was released in October 2019 (on Halloween). Ever since, 12-16 creatives have been published in each issue. Over 150 creatives have now been published by TDS, from such places as Australia, Canada, Finland, Nigeria, The Philippines, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

The Dark Sire has its own annual awards ceremony, which celebrates emerging and established writers in horror, gothic, fantasy, and psychological realism. The awards ceremony is Bre’s way of giving back to the creative community she loves so much, while also supporting creatives at every stage of their career.

To learn more about The Dark Sire Literary Journal, please visit its dedicated website.

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