Rami Ungar

Rami Ungar’s next full-length book is HANNAH AND OTHER STORIES, a collection of seven horror short stories that examine the thin veneer between the world of the ordinary and the world of the strange. Sometimes, one must search for the entrance of the strange and then walk into a world where the laws of reality and humanity have no meaning. Other times, people find the horrors in this strange world simply by going to a toy store, a sibling’s home, or a party in the Paris catacombs. These seven horror short stories aim to take the reader on a twisted journey that will make the reader question their reality – of what’s real and what’s not.

Coming Fall 2023

Rami Ungar is a horror and dark fiction novelist who resides in Columbus, Ohio. He has self-published two books (The Quiet Game: Five Tales to Chill Your Bones and Snake), as well as traditionally published two novels (Rose and The Pure World Comes). In addition, he has had several short stories and novelettes published, including “Blood & Paper Skin” in The Dark Sire and “Cressida” in the anthology Into the Deep. Rami is an Affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and the Coordinator for the Ohio HWA. To learn more about Rami and his writing, you can follow Rami through his various social media platforms.

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